Health & Wellbeing

Student Health & Wellbeing

Our commitment to student health and wellbeing permeates every aspect of the Merion Mercy experience, from how we tailor each student’s schedule through to the way personal guidance is always at hand.

Healthy Mind

Here at Merion, we understand the mental and emotional health challenges implicit in being a teenager! We encourage a culture of talking about personal challenges, be it confidentially or in the open, and our strong support system ensures there’s always someone there to listen.

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Healthy Body

Our kitchen staff look forward to providing students with an array of healthy and tasty food options. Every day, there are breakfast sandwiches, breakfast bowls, muffins, and bagels in the morning hours; cold sandwiches and wraps, a salad bar, fresh fruits, vegetables, and various cookies (homemade!), chips, and other snacks in the afternoon.

We encourage students to participate in Clubs & Activities, be it enjoying physical activity and team spirit through a sporting team, or finding movement and expression through the performing arts.

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Our Student Health Center

Our Student Health Center consists of a team of health professionals, including a physician consultant, two health room nurses, and a Lower Merion School District certified school nurse.

It’s staffed full time to provide first aid and support to students who become ill or injured during the school day, or who need health maintenance of a chronic or acute medical condition. If further treatment is required or a student needs to go home, parents will be contacted. In the event of an emergency, 911 will be called and the student will be transported via ambulance to the hospital.