Student Council

Student Council Leads the Way

Student Council members are students who agree to assume leadership roles within the school community. As leaders, Student Council members are expected to exhibit responsibility, school spirit, respect, and a commitment to service. They are the link between the administration/faculty and their fellow students and must show support for both. They strive to accomplish their best, academically and socially, for themselves and others.  

Co-moderators: Mrs. Valerie Prucnal and Ms. Jaclyn Ozzimo 

Student Council

Executive Board

  • President – Lindsey Russo 
  • Vice President – Cara Keller
  • Officer of Leadership Development – Cierra Parker
  • Communications Officer – Kaitlyn Powel
  • Secretary – Tess Szathmary   

HR Representatives

Class of 2020

  • Sarah Ix
  • Sadie Goane
  • Maren Spaide
  • Gaelen Coleman 
  • Clare Quigley 

Class of 2021

  • Cate Aaron
  • Hannah Facenada
  • Gabriella Jackson
  • Ryleigh Lord
  • Isabelle Millan

Class of 2022

  • Emma Friel
  • Katie Gallone 
  • Monica Merenda
  • Emily Murphy
  • Bella Privitera 
  • Olivia Tingley-Kelle

Class of 2023

  • Jessica Brunetti
  • Annelise Fresta
  • Onora Healey
  • Kerry McCormick
  • Tessa Purcell
  • Kathryn Wert

2019: Mission Week and "Night for the Nations" Mixer

Click here for the Mission Week calendar of events.

Merion Mercy ran daily events, which culminated in "Night for the Nations" mixer to raise money for "The Mercy Girl Effect." This year, students focused their fundraising efforts to support women in developing nations around the world. Each grade level plus faculty and staff focused on a different country: The freshmen supported the people of the Philippines; sophomores, Kenya; juniors, Panama; seniors, Lebanon; and the faculty and staff supported Haiti.

2018: Sugu Fundraiser
Stand for Sugu (a dancing/standing marathon) hosted by Merion Mercy’s Student Council was held Friday March 16, from 6 p.m.-10 p.m. 100% of the proceeds go towards "The Mercy Girl Effect," which has committed to build a school in Sugu, Nigeria.

2017: Night for Nigeria
In March 2017, Merion Mercy ran a series of week-long fund-raising events that culminated in "Night for Nigeria- Dance for a Chance" event that raised over $10,000 to afford mud huts for girls in Nigeria. Establishing a home address then allowed these students to obtain education in their local schools. 


Merion Mercy hosted a friendly musical competition and fundraiser called ZAMBELLA to raise money to build a secondary school for adolescent girls in Zambia. The event exceeded the fundraising goal and brought in more than $10,600 for the project.

2015: SuDash 5K Run/Walk
The SuDash was a 5K run/walk fundraiser that took place on the Merion Mercy fields. That year, $10,000 was raised to support food and water security to the community of families and students at the Mercy-sponsored school in southern Sudan.

Click here for SuDash photos.

2014: Stand4Sudan
A standing marathon hosted by Merion Mercy’s Student Council held on March 14, 2014.
Students raised more than $15,000; 100% of the proceeds went to supporting our sponsored school in Sudan.

Click here to view event photos.

Click here for the Stand4Sudan video.




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