Concussion Protocol

A concussion is defined as a complex pathophysiological process affecting the brain, induced by traumatic biomechanical forces. True diagnosis of an acute concussion involves the assessment of a range of domains.

These domains include a baseline test. Merion Mercy Academy will use the Impact computerized testing program. The score from this baseline test will be compared to a post injury test in order to establish if the athlete is cognitively able to return to sports. The athlete will also follow a 5 step return to play progression to establish that they are physically improving in order to return to sports.

If an athlete sustains a head injury, they will be removed from activity and assessed. If any of the symptoms/components listed below are present then a concussion should be suspected and the appropriate management will be taken.

  • Symptoms: headache, nausea, inability to focus/concentrate, light and/or noise sensitivity, tinnitus
  • Physical signs: loss of consciousness, amnesia, balance issues
  • Behavioral changes: irritability, emotional changes
  • Cognitive impairment: slowed reaction times, memory problems
  • Sleep disturbances: drowsiness, insomnia

PLEASE NOTE: These symptoms may not appear for 24-48 hours from the onset of the injury.

In accordance with Senate Bill 200 the athlete must be evaluated by a health care provider that is trained in concussion care. We will be using Dr. Michael Duncan, who is trained in concussion management, to make the final clearance on all of our concussed athletes. Dr. Duncan will need to see the athlete before the final clearance can be determined. If the athlete is injured during a Merion Mercy event then our insurance will be secondary in order to cover any medical costs. If you wish to use Dr. Duncan as your physician, his office number is 610 480-6584.

If an athlete sustains a head injury they will be removed from activity and assessed. If an Athletic Trainer's evaluation is a concussion, the athlete needs to see a physician within 24- 48 hours. Documentation from the physician regarding any recommendations and their protocol should be brought to the Athletic Trainer. They need to see the athletic trainer on a daily basis to record their symptoms. Once they are symptom free for 24-48 hours, they can then begin a 5 step return to play progression. On or about step 3 or 4 the athlete will take a post injury Impact test. At that time Dr. Duncan will interpret the test and schedule an appointment to discuss clearing the athlete


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