iPad Information and Apps 

iPad Information 

At the start of the school year, all students must have an iPad (or Mac laptop) and download the required apps for each department. Most departments have required and suggested apps that are posted below.

The iPad can be a mini or full size, but it is suggested that it have, at least, 64GB with 128GB as the optimal choice. (It will depend on how many pictures/videos and how much music the user downloads/saves.) If the family has recently purchased a Mac laptop, then their student may use that device for class. We do not want any family to purchases a new device if not necessary. The most import thing is that the device is Mac (IOS). Merion Mercy only uses the Mac platform.

If families are looking to purchase an iPad, Springboard (springboardstore.com) offers MMA families a varied selection of iPads, cases, and accessories. However, families do not have to purchase from Springboard.


Every student will be provided with an Office 365 account. The username and temporary password along with installation instructions will be provided during orientation in August.

Apps by Department

Language Department

Math Department

Science Department

Social Studies Department

Technology/Media Services Department

Theology Department

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