Theology Department

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Merion Mercy’s Theology Department aims to provide a program rich in basic Catholic traditions and imbued with the Mercy charisma of Catherine McAuley. The four-year program focuses on faith history and development, knowledge of Scripture and Catholic social teaching, moral development and responsibility, and an understanding of how to incorporate faith into various life choices. The students’ faith formation is predicated on the building of relationships through the community of the classroom. Women exercising leadership in the church is stressed throughout, and the importance of service, social responsibility, reflection and prayer are woven into each course.                                           

Graduation Outcomes

  • An understanding of and the appreciation for the basic beliefs, teachings, rites, and history of the Catholic faith. A grasp of the meaning of salvation history and their place in it.
  • An understanding of the Mercy charism, the lives and works of Catherine McAuley, Frances Warde, and Patricia Waldron, and the history, development, and current works of the Sisters of Mercy.
  • An appreciation for and an experience of many different types of prayer.
  • A knowledge of the vast wealth of Catholic social teachings.
  • An understanding of the meaning and the power of sacred scripture and the ability to use scripture for prayer and guidance in their own lives.
  • A knowledge of and an appreciation for the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • The ability to use a process in moral decision making grounded in Church documents.
  • A knowledge of the married, single, consecrated religious and ordained vocations which are open to them and an appreciation for the life choices of others.
  • A good understanding of the essential concepts of each course as presented in the Course Descriptions.
  • A deepening of faith nurtured by person-to-person connections with teachers and other students.
  • An introduction to the life and works of scriptural, historical and contemporary women and men who can support and inspire them in their own faith.  

Course Descriptions

All students are scheduled for Theology each year.  This course of study offers a comprehensive background in the basic beliefs and teachings of the Catholic faith.


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