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The Social Studies Department of Merion Mercy Academy believes that by studying history and the social sciences, students will appreciate how ideas, events, and individuals have produced change over time and will recognize the conditions and forces that maintain continuity within human societies.

We want our students to understand the value, the importance, and the fragility of democratic institutions and to develop a keen sense of ethics and citizenship, and to care deeply about the quality of life in their community, their nation, and their world. We desire that our students see the connection between ideas and behavior, between the values and ideals that people hold and the ethical consequences of those beliefs. Embracing the Mercy Core Values, we promote academic excellence, while encouraging our students to see beyond their personal environment and to use their knowledge of the social sciences to become more globally aware and socially responsible.

We aim for our students to learn about the cultures, societies, and economic systems that prevail in other parts of the world and recognize the political and cultural barriers that divide people as well as the common human qualities that unite them. By enabling students to explore their own behavior they may well gain insight into relationship with others.

It is our goal that students will learn and strengthen their higher level critical thinking skills. Students will study the context of event and their continuity in order to assess chronological thinking. To accomplish these goals, students will utilize primary and secondary sources to interpret and analyze events and trends in society. Original research will allow students to investigate major ideas and issues. Students will also examine the significance of their own contribution to the understanding of the issue. Overall, our students will be able to engage in higher level research, interpretation, evaluation, and analysis of important topics in social studies.

Graduation Outcomes 

  • Understand the function of government and recognize the importance of active participation within society
  • Have developed debating and public speaking skills
  • Have developed a sense of moral ethics and responsible citizenship
  • Care about the quality of life in their community
  • Embrace the Mercy Core Values in a global society
  • Value differences while working for a united human family
  • Continue to develop higher level critical thinking and analysis skills
  • Be able to interpret and analyze different primary and secondary sources of information
  • Have acquired the ability to be critical discerners of information and evaluators of online sources
  • Have developed the ability to integrate technology into the learning process
  • Be motivated to investigate major ideas and issues
  • Appreciate the value of their own contributions to their community and their world
  • Have developed a respect for the place of history in the general scheme of academics

Course Descriptions


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