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Honorable Mention from Toshiba Exploravision

MMA freshmen Mary Eileen McDermott, Ryan Morrow, Christina Schwab, and Stephanie Winterdal from Ms. Arielle Chard's Biology 1A class received an Honorable Mention from Toshiba ExploraVision, for their abstract and presentation on the "Dementia Bracelet," a digitally programmed, waterproof bracelet that includes a barcode connected to GPS and a pulse monitor. What a great safety idea to aid patients suffering from dementia! 

Sea Perch Challenge Accepted 

MMA Physics students competed in the Philadelphia Sea Perch Challenge held at Temple University. In this competition, sponsored by the U.S. Navy, students design and build an underwater remotely operated vehicle that can navigate an obstacle course and execute an underwater recovery mission.  The underwater events are quite challenging, and our team encountered many unanticipated problems. They took every opportunity to make adjustments and repairs to their vehicle in order to keep it in competition. In so doing, they demonstrated a solid working knowledge of the engineering principles involved as well as focus and determination.  In recognition of their grit, our students received the Against All Odds Award, which "goes to the team that does not give up and shows the determination to overcome every obstacle that presents itself." Congratulations to the the members (all seniors) of MMA's Team AguaTech:Jenna Bertin, Katie Kubasko, Caitlin Kwapinski, Meredith Mackenzie, Nina Malitas, Erin Mullen, and Nora Pergolini. 

Full STEAM Ahead: American Chemical Society Honoree 

This year, MMA students earned numerous accolades in the realm of the sciences, not only for the scientific aspect of the projects, but also for the students’ abilities to communicate these ideas effectively—the perfect blend of Arts and Sciences. Audrey Coughlin '20 won the first prize for her illustrated poem entry in the Philadelphia Section of the National Chemistry Week Illustrated Poem Contest, sponsored by the American Chemical Society. She received a certificate and a cash award. Congratulations, Audrey!



  • Sea Perch Underwater Robotics Competition, Drexel University      
  • West Point Bridge Design
  • ACS National Chemistry Week Competition
  • The Annenberg High School Symposium
  • NSTA/Toshiba ExploraVision                                                                         


The Science Department of Merion Mercy Academy seeks to provide all students with a comprehensive college preparatory background in the biological, chemical, physical, and environmental sciences. The department emphasizes the role of women in leadership positions in industry, health professions and scientific research, and education. Our students are prepared and challenged to approach scientific inquiry based on the Mercy Core Values which encourage them to be responsible and discerning citizens. We believe that our students are well informed regarding life issues, especially those that relate to women’s issues and that they acknowledge and accept their global responsibility toward the environment.

Graduation Outcomes

  • Meet and exceed national and state science standards.
  • Design, safely perform, and analyze results from controlled experiments using the Scientific Method.
  • Use inductive and deductive reasoning.
  • Write a scientific research paper and evaluate source reliability.
  • Communicate and defend a scientific argument through presentation and written reports.
  • Justify current scientific and technological issues with a strong lens of ethics.
  • Appreciate the role of women in science
  • Develop a lifelong appreciation of science and scientific literature.

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