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Nicole Liu '20 Earns Top Spot in West Chester University's Annual Piano Competition

Nicole Liu '20 won first prize honors in West Chester University's Annual Pre-Collegiate Piano Competition on Saturday, April 7, 2018. This competition, now in its 30th year, strives to provide students ages 9-18 with performing opportunities, and raise the standard of excellence of young pianists. This is a national competition with no geographic restrictions. Nicole earned the top spot in the oldest age group. As a result, she has been granted a Dean’s Scholarship for study in the West Chester University School of Music. 


In accordance with the philosophy of the school, the Music Department provides a curriculum which challenges the student to discover her own creative and intellectual resources and to develop them to her fullest potential. The music major curriculum includes five major components of study: theory, ear training, music history, composition and technology. The courses offered encourage an understanding of music in relation to the other arts, as well as the development of the cultural and aesthetic values which music communicates. As in other disciplines, the Music Department seeks to prepare the student for advanced study on a college or conservatory level.

Goals and Objectives

  •        Incorporate the cognitive aspects of musical development
  •        Heighten awareness and strengthen the student’s ability to participate
  •        Introduce new approaches to fundamental concepts
  •        Integrate previously learned concepts with new ones
  •        Differentiate musical elements with visible realization through notation
  •        Develop a productive connection between what the students see and hear
  •        Examine how to interpret a musical score properly
  •        Illustrate continuous evolution of music over a wide range of periods and styles
  •        Stimulate the student’s power of observation and independent judgment
  •        Utilize their analytical skills in accordance with technology
  •        Enable opportunities for hands-on experience through live performances
  •        Hone acquired skills through personal participation and active involvement

Graduation Outcomes

A graduating senior in the Merion Mercy Academy Music Department will have completed two advanced level classes, covering the five essential components of study including theory, ear training, history, technology, and composition.

  • The student will have learned and utilized music terminology pertaining to theoretical concepts regarding notation, music reading, dictation, and standard performance practices.
  • The student will have further developed her aural skills regarding recognition of all major ear training concepts including scales, intervals, chords, melodic and rhythmic dictation as well as sight-singing and sight-reading.

Course Descriptions


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