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I've been selected for a fellowship program and am currently working in NYC at a museum while also taking classes where we learn about the art world...I just wanted to (share) how much of an impact our art major classes had on me and my work–not just in my college coursework, but also on the way I think...MMA's program offered me a different way of looking at the world, and I really hope that the girls taking it this term know that you are teeing them up for critical and individual thought that will serve them endlessly in college. And, I hope that they continue to have the courage to maintain that curiosity. –Alumna 


MMA’s Art Department creates a forum in which the study and practice of the visual arts becomes an exciting and integral part of Merion’s curriculum.The atmosphere in the classroom is set up to provide bright working studios with northern light, reference areas and galleries, all with visually exciting stimuli.  Merion Mercy’s robust art program uses the visual arts to develop empathy and insight into diverse points of view across time and culture and to value the function of art across disciplines. The visual arts curriculum is structured to develop the artist within every student by offering hands-on guided practice, and by presenting a variety of artistic styles and cultural traditions in both historical and contemporary contexts.  Our art program offers nurturing yet rigorous instructional approaches that support a diverse range of student interests, aptitudes and learning styles.  Students experience personal satisfaction and build confidence as they build skills, produce and then exhibit their own artwork.  All students are encouraged to use their creative talents in service of others in many service-learning projects.

Department Goals

Honors Art Major Program

The Honors Art Major program is a sequential series of classes which deepens the student’s understanding of the power of art and design in today’s world.  Art Majors develop abilities for authentic personal expression, identify their unique aesthetic, and attain a deeper appreciation for the energy art can impart to everyday life. Art majors engage in stimulating visual arts experiences and modes of working with an emphasis on the communication of ideas through art. The program allows art majors to strengthen both voice and agency in the creative expression of ideas through the use of art and design.  Digital design problems are presented, introducing students to the principles of graphic design and how they are applied to the world of digital design and communication. Through hands-on use of both digital technologies and guided studio production, art majors develop unique expressions in design and communication with an emphasis on creative problem-solving and independent thinking skills, required for measurable growth and mastery in the visual arts.  Critiques of classwork and the work of master artists are an integral part of the art major’s coursework. Honors Art Major curriculum will enrich the high school experience of any students willing to apply themselves to honors-level art inquiries. 

Honors Art Major 1 is an introduction to two and three-dimensional design in which art majors explore the principles of design which govern the elements of art. Traditional visual art forms of drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking are studied and practiced through a wide variety of media as art majors at this level are taught the fundamentals of observational drawing, compositional design, color theory, and art history through cross-curricular art studies.

Honors Art Major 2 is a more intense investigation of the visual arts’ principles, with an emphasis on critical inquiry, developing skills in advanced drawing, color theory, conceptual compositions in two and three-dimensional design, printmaking, and digital graphic design. Independent projects of student choice allow for individual expression exploring a variety of media, techniques, and studio problem-solving processes. 

Honors Art Major 3 curriculum strengthens students’ skills in concept development. As college level design challenges are presented, art majors are encouraged to take informed risks in their learning processes and objectives as they fine tune their understanding, appreciation, and execution in any art form or style appropriate to communicate their message. Contemporary art is studied as motivation for the student search for an individual form of expression.  Visual art portfolios are curated strengthening college applications. The Art Major 3 develops and executes a capstone Senior Series of work which focuses on the student’s thematic investigation of a common question. This Senior Series acts as the cornerstone of their culminating exhibit.

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