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I've been selected for a fellowship program and am currently working in NYC at a museum while also taking classes where we learn about the art world...I just wanted to (share) how much of an impact our art major classes had on me and my work–not just in my college coursework, but also on the way I think...MMA's program offered me a different way of looking at the world, and I really hope that the girls taking it this term know that you are teeing them up for critical and individual thought that will serve them endlessly in college. And, I hope that they continue to have the courage to maintain that curiosity. –Alumna 


MMA’s Art Department creates a forum in which the study of the fine arts becomes an exciting and integral part of Merion’s curriculum. The atmosphere in the classroom is all inclusive and is set up so as to provide working studios, reference areas, and galleries, all with visually exciting stimuli. Through its appearance and resources, the art studios become the stage for the curriculum designed around it.

Graduation Outcomes

Art Major 1A  is a foundation class in which students are introduced to the basic elements of art and the principles of design. Through exploration of various media, Art 1A students study fundamentals in drawing and compositional two and three dimensional design. Foundational drawing skills and perspective planning are applied to various subject matter including figure and portrait studies, still life and landscapes. Assignments in observational drawing, collage, illustration make use of these fundamental skills in the art majors’ creative work. Graphic art is explored through exercises that showcase use of line, shape, value, pattern, movement. Independent projects of student choice allow for individual expression. Students will explore drawing, design illustration, sculpture and a service-learning component.

Art Major 2A is a more intense investigation of the visual arts’ elements and principles, with an emphasis on intermediate drawing and design, as expressed in conceptual compositional two and three-dimensional design. Media to be explored include pencil, charcoal, pen/ink, watercolor, pastels, collage and assemblage materials, printmaking, and computer graphics. Color theory and its application are introduced at this level, and students have the opportunity to utilize these fundamentals in creative work. Art Major 2A course of study allows development of creative concepts and skills in sculpture. Independent projects of student choice allow for individual expression. Critiques discussing each other’s work and the work of master artists are an integral part of the coursework.

Art Major 3A course will continue to strengthen students’ skills in the Fine Arts. As more challenging design and color problems are presented in drawing and painting, students will have opportunity to fine tune their understanding, appreciation, and execution of multiple approaches to working as viewed in traditional and expressionistic art styles throughout history. Assignments in land/cityscapes, still life, figure and portrait studies will continue in various media. Contemporary art is studied as motivation for the student search for a personal form of expression. Students interested in applying to college art programs will be aided in compiling a visual art portfolio. Independent projects of student choice allow for individual expression. Critiques discussing each other’s work and the work of master artists are an integral part of the class. Art 3A class will enrich the high school experience of students willing and able to apply themselves to college-level projects. 

Course Descriptions


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