Guiding the LD Student from High School to College

Keys to Success

Points to Note

  • Students should request accommodations ahead of time
  • Disability services will not assume any student needs/wants accommodations
  • Self advocacy is important
  • Speak up for yourself, stand up for your right, help educate others about their responsibilities

The College Search

  • Similar to standard search process, personal and family criteria should be considered with the added component of investigating support services
  • Always try to visit academic support offices when on campus (if a school cannot accommodate, then it probably is not a good fit)
  • Don’t just rely on tour guides or admissions, support services are often less talked about.  If you cannot meet with support services, at the very least get contact information

Questions to Ask College Admissions

  • Do you have any information on student support services? 

Questions to Ask Support Services

  • What is the process for requesting accommodations?
  • What do specific accommodations look like on campus?

o   Extended time on exams?

o   Location of exams?

o   Readers?

o   Tutors?

o   Note takers?

  • What will my accommodation plan look like?
  • What do you need for documentation and when?
  • Do your services come with additional fees?
  • Can you share with me student success stories at your school that have used accommodations in the college classroom?

Things to Keep in Mind

  • There is no reason to hide who you are and how you learn
  • It never hurts to disclose information, colleges want to understand you as a student and get to know you as an individual
  • Information can be shared before, during, or after the admission process
  • Admission Offices cannot ask if you have a LD nor will ask for specific documentation: the student can 1.) disclose information 2.) request accommodations 3.) meet with student disability/support services
  • Student Support services will require up to date evaluations, nothing prior to 9th grade, typically want to see 11th grade
  • An IEP (individualized education plan does not happen in college, the student must speak with each professor and advisor for any accommodations to help your success in their classroom.  Colleges/Universities with strong LD services will help facilitate this process, but the majority of the communication is the student’s responsibility
  • The support services can be additional costs to tuition, remember to ask upfront costs for additional services, such as a tutor, space for separate exam taking, note taker, etc.
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