"When I shadowed, I could feel the Mercy spirit and knew I wanted to be a part of this happiness."
- Kelly '22 

Tuition, scholarships,
and Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees: 2022-23

Grades 9-12 . . . . . . . . . . .$21,950 per year (includes activity fee)

A school uniform is required (approximately $500).

Other fees may apply, such as sports and graduation fees.

For questions about tuition payments and payment plans, contact the Business Office at at 610-664-6655 ext.152.


Academic Scholarships - Scholarships awarded on the basis of performance on the Scholarship and Entrance Exam, a personal interview and past academic achievement.

Alumnae Scholarship - A scholarship provided by the Alumnae Association to the daughter of an MMA graduate - criteria and application will be made available to eligible students.

Fine Arts Scholarship - The Sister Ethel Sweeney, RSM Fine Arts Scholarship is a partial scholarship awarded to one student for each year she attends Merion Mercy. Click here for application form and criteria. 

Mercy Scholarships - Scholarships awarded to students, nominated by their school principal, who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the area of service to others - academics, scholarship and character will also be considered. Applications will be provided by school principal.

Music Scholarships - Two scholarships awarded on the basis of a personal audition and performance on the Scholarship and Entrance Exam. Click here for audition requirements and click here for music scholarship policies and application form.

Financial Aid

Merion Mercy Academy is committed to offering an excellent education to qualified students regardless of a family’s financial circumstances. MMA’s financial assistance program is designed to bridge the gap between a family’s ability to pay and the true cost of an MMA education. Since the financial aid budget is limited, there is no guarantee that MMA can meet all families’ financial needs.

Click here for the Financial Aid Student Tuition (FAST) form.

Financial Aid FAQ

Who may apply for financial aid?
Incoming families may apply for financial aid, and their applications are considered once the student is accepted and the required deposit is paid.  Current families need to apply annually, pay the required deposit for the upcoming year, and be up-to-date in this year’s tuition payments.

Will a financial aid application affect my daughter’s acceptance into MMA?
Qualified students are accepted to MMA without regard to the family’s financial situation. 

Is financial aid the same as a merit scholarship?  
No. A merit scholarship is based on specific achievements that a student has demonstrated. A student receiving a merit scholarship may still apply for financial aid.

Is there a discount for having more than one daughter at MMA at the same time?
MMA currently offers a 10% discount for the second and subsequent daughters enrolled concurrently.

How are financial aid decisions made?
Families apply online through Financial Aid Student Tuition (FAST), which is operated by Independent School Management. FAST analyzes the application, including tax returns, and makes a recommended award to MMA’s Financial Aid Committee based on the family’s financial need. MMA considers the FAST recommendation in determining financial aid.

How is the family’s financial need determined?
Financial need is defined as the difference between MMA’s tuition and the family’s ability to pay. The ability to pay is reported to MMA by FAST after FAST receives and reviews the application. Major factors affecting the family’s ability to pay include assets (including but not limited to home equity and retirement savings), liabilities and family size. FAST also makes allowances for standard living expenses and taxes. In addition, MMA’s Financial Aid Committee considers the family’s lifestyle choices, spending priorities and debts.

How does a family apply for financial aid, what are the deadlines, and when will we be notified of an award?

Click here for the Financial Aid Student Tuition (FAST) form. The cost to submit this form is a non-refundable fee of $45. 

Scan and upload your tax returns to the FAST website. Both Federal and State tax returns and supporting documents must be submitted, as well as all W2/1099 income statements.

Incoming freshmen:
  • The deadline to complete the application is October 31, 2022. 
  • Families applying for financial aid will be notified of their tentative award at the same time as their formal acceptance. The financial aid committee will confirm this award only when all 2022 tax documents have been reviewed and verified by FAST. 
Should we not be able to meet your family's tuition needs, your deposit will be fully refunded provided the family withdraws by March 1, 2023.
Current school families with new financial aid applications:
  • The deadline to complete the application is January 1, 2023. 
  • All tax documentation must be sent directly to FAST by March 1, 2023.
  • The Financial Aid Committee will meet in mid-January 2023; the family will be notified of their decision by February 1, 2023.
Current school families with renewing financial aid applications: 
  • The deadline to complete the application is February 1, 2023. 
  • All financial and tax documents are due to FAST by March 15, 2023.

Is my initial financial aid award automatically renewed each year?
Financial aid awards are made on a yearly basis. Families requesting financial aid are required to submit applications each year. Families are encouraged to inform the school if their financial circumstances change.  Your initial financial package will remain the same unless your family circumstances dramatically change.

Will my financial information remain confidential?
Yes. MMA keeps the application and award data within the Financial Aid Committee. Likewise, MMA expects families to keep their awards confidential.

What happens if parents are divorced or separated or if one parent does not value private school education? 
MMA’s assigns responsibility to both biological parents, if living, to pay for their child’s education. MMA would not recognize a family’s assertion that one parent, legally or otherwise, is not responsible for educational expenses. If a parent has remarried, the Financial Aid Committee will also consider a step-parent’s income while acknowledging the step-parent’s financial obligations to his or her own biological children.

In a case where one parent has no contact with the child, the parent with custody of the child must submit verification to that effect from a third party outside the family. The documentation must include information that the non-custodial parent provides no support and maintains no contact with the family. MMA will accept such written verification from a doctor, lawyer or clergy member.

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