Audit of Curriculum 

The Faculty is leading a review of curriculum, with the guidance of a diversity practitioner, to ensure a  diversity of ideas, historical perspectives, and voices curriculum content are represented. We commit to making changes that result in historically and culturally broader and more inclusive curriculum.

Recent changes to the MMA curriculum in 2020-21 include, but are not limited to:

  • Addition of the The Merchant of Venice to examine the history, causes, and results of anti-semitism and discrimination. (British Literature)

  • Addition of the novel Passing by Nella Larsen. (American Literature)

  • Addition of poems by Jericho Brown, Justin Phillip Reed, and Ocean Vuong  to give voice to the experiences of people of color and members of the LGBTQ community. (Contemporary Literature)

  • Incorporation of non-fiction article on multicultural topics (Black joy as a form of resistance and an article about Indigenous artists creating comics and films for Marvel) to teach effective writing. (Effective Writing)

  • Creation of a unit on March, the graphic memoir by John Lewis and Andrew Aydin. Students also read Dr. King’s speeches, “Letter from Birmingham Jail" and "Paul's Letter to American Christians" and excerpts from Ta Nehisi Coates' Between the World and Me. (AP Language and Curriculum) 

  • Expansion of units relating to Red Summer (Tulsa massacre, etc.), women's roles, Great Migration and voter suppression. (Modern United States History)

  • Revision of unit on self-portraiture requiring students to learn micrography (using descriptive words to replace the values needed to give the portrait depth) and change the perspective of the view of the portrait from the front to back to focus on identity traits of a more personal nature such as hair style and color. (Art Major I)

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