Legacy Giving 

Making a Transformational Gift to Merion Mercy that Costs You Little or Nothing in Your Lifetime


“Let us be shining lamps, giving light to all around us.”  -Catherine McAuley, Foundress

All of us who have been blessed by the Mercy journey are profoundly impacted by our shared Charism of joy, service, compassion, and competence. We carry this with us our entire lives, lighting a bright and clear path. This light will go on and on—in our students today and in the students of generations to come—enduring as our continuous, life-affirming north star.

We invite you to share your own light as a member of the Merion Mercy 1884 Legacy Society

From Humble Beginnings Grow Great Things.

The 1884 Society commemorates the year of the founding of our beloved school and celebrates those who are committed to our future in their financial or estate plans. The story of Mercy began in 1827 with a simple bequest. Catherine McAuley used her inheritance to open the first house of Mercy on Baggot Street in Dublin to educate and shelter young women. 

Generations later, we reap the fruits of her gift of profound generosity in service and educational ministries around the globe. We continue to be blessed by her enduring spirit of Mercy here at Merion, where we mold 21st Century students into accomplished, generous women who make themselves and their world better. Merion Mercy Academy nurtures our mission of serving young women as Catherine McAuley did. With your support, we can do much more to advance our mission of Mercy.

The 1884 Legacy Society recognizes those individuals who have made Merion Mercy a priority by leaving a lasting gift through a planned or deferred giving. Your legacy gift to the 1884 Society can be of any amount you designate. There is no minimum contribution required, nor is there any cap on the amount you may wish to give. 

Further, you can designate your gift in any way you prefer – to academics, arts, athletics, capital improvements, professional development, scholarship, or the area of greatest area of need. By designating Merion Mercy Endowment Fund as a recipient of your gift, you will provide a permanent gift that will ensure the financial stability of MMA’s future.

Members of the 1884 Society receive special recognition and invitations to school events. To those who have already included Merion in their estate planning, we extend our profound thanks. To those considering a planned gift, or who would like to learn more, please contact Agnes Shields Finigan ’72 in the Development Office at afinigan@merion-mercy.com or call her at 610-664-6655, ext. 126.


The 1884 Legacy Society honors alumnae, parents, faculty, staff, and friends who have decided to support Merion Mercy Academy through a gift of Appreciated Stock, a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), by a Bequest, or by naming Merion Mercy as Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy or Retirement Fund. You can participate in the 1884 Society by making a legacy gift now, or by planning now to make a gift at a future time.


Making a Difference Now

There are two ways you can make a meaningful gift now: a gift of Appreciated Stock and a Qualified Charitable Distribution.

Gift of Appreciated Stock

Click here to learn more: Gifts of Appreciated Stock

Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) 

Click here to learn more: Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)

Making a Difference Later

There are additional meaningful ways you can make a transformational gift to Merion Mercy later, costing little or nothing now, by making a beneficiary gift. 

These options include a bequest to Merion Mercy from your estate (called a “testamentary gift,”), a gift of life insurance proceeds, or a beneficiary designation of an IRA or any retirement plan or an annuity, if you have one. 


Click here to learn more: Making an Estate Gift to MMA

Gift of Life Insurance

Click here to learn more: Gift of Life Insurance

Gift of a Retirement Fund

Click here to learn more: Gift of a Retirement Fund

Let's Talk

You have many giving options available to you, such as naming Merion Mercy as a beneficiary in your will, donating appreciated stock, making a gift as a QCD,  designating MMA as a beneficiary of your retirement fund, or gifting ownership of your life insurance policy to MMA. 

Remember, there is no minimum or maximum gift. The amount you choose to give is totally at your discretion.

For a conversation about joining the 1884 Legacy Society at MMA, please fill out your contact information below and submit the form.

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