Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at MMA

Merion Mercy strives to strengthen our community and broaden our vision and understanding of living mercy and seeking justice to build a truly authentic and inclusive community. Guided by our Mercy mission, we deepen our understanding and appreciation of a diverse community and recognize the ongoing opportunities in listening to and learning from one another. 

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Merion Mercy will strengthen our community and broaden our vision and understanding of living mercy and seeking justice. We commit to:

  • Growing in our awareness and our understanding of diversity and inclusion issues.

  • Expanding our appreciation for the diversity in our school community and in our world.

  • Fostering a school culture of inclusion that is open, respectful, and appreciative of the diversity among us that enables all to participate and contribute to our Mercy community.

  • Creating opportunities for dialogue that deepen our understanding of realities and perceptions which may inhibit a culture of inclusion so we can intentionally promote a more inclusive culture.

  • Ensuring that policies, procedures, practices and behavior are consistent with our Mission and Core Values and reflect the inclusive community we aspire to be.

  • Taking action to break down barriers.

Our DEIB Plan for Action

We will hold professional development for faculty, staff and students to improve our school climate, address microaggressions in the classroom and community, and actively confront bias.

We will conduct a faculty-led review of curriculum, with the guidance of a diversity practitioner, to ensure that students encounter diversity of ideas, historical perspectives, and voices in the content of the curriculum. We commit to making changes that result in a curriculum that is historically and culturally broader and more inclusive.

We will focus on more programming that celebrates cultural diversity, promotes allyship, and provides time and space necessary for difficult conversations. Grade-level retreats will be planned to encourage class unity. Student affinity groups will be enhanced to provide students with opportunities to share experiences, perspectives, and challenges with others who may have had similar experiences while also prioritizing student agency and leadership development. Students will be further empowered to lead in planning and action items, especially related to DEI.

We continue to update policies and practices and have made the hiring of a diverse faculty and staff an institutional priority for the school.

Our DEIB Plan for Action Updates

While we continually strive to create a culture of inclusion and belonging at Merion, we also realize we have essential work ahead of us. Click below to learn more about our recent action steps. 

Cultural Competency Training
Audit of Curriculum
Advance Student Programming and Activities
Commitment to Faculty and Staff Diversity

Community Programming and Activities: 2021-22


Community Programming and Activities: 2020-21


Community Programming and Activities: 2019-20


Mercy + Social Justice

The Sisters of Mercy ask us to focus on their guiding principles; they ask us to “work passionately to eliminate poverty, the widespread denial of human rights, the degradation of earth, the increase in violence and racism, the continued oppression of women, the abuse of children, the mistreatment of immigrants and the lack of solidarity among people and nations.”

Click here to learn more about the Sisters of Mercy and their mission and critical concerns.

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