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  • Merion Mercy is proud to be a sponsor of the Gesu School’s 23rd Annual Symposium.

    Please join in this discussion with Ibram X. Kendi, professor, historian, and best-selling author of the book, How to be an Antiracist, and one of Time's 100 Most Influential People of 2020. The evening will be moderated by Trina Gary from Brown-Gary Associates. Trina will dialogue with Professor Kendi on antiracism in the context of urban education and field questions from participants. The Symposium will be held (virtually) on Wednesday, November 11 from 5–6 p.m. There is no charge. Register by clicking here.

  • Affinity Groups' leaders and moderators training session with Trina Gary of Brown-Gary Associates: October 22
  • Affinity Groups' first meetings for 2020-21 School Year: October 26-30
  • The NAIS Online Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC): December 1-4


For social or emotional support, please contact MMA School Counselors at Sister Kathleen Sabatino, IHM, at ksabatino@merion-mercy.com and/or Ms. Maria Carini at mcarini@merion-mercy.com.

For pastoral care and support, please contact MMA Director of Campus Ministry Sister Anna Saltzman, RSM, at asaltzman@merion-mercy.com.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at MMA

Merion Mercy strives to strengthen our community and broaden our vision and understanding of living mercy and seeking justice to build a truly authentic and inclusive community. Guided by our Mercy mission, we deepen our understanding and appreciation of a diverse community and recognize the ongoing opportunities in listening to and learning from one another. 

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Merion Mercy will strengthen our community and broaden our vision and understanding of living mercy and seeking justice. We commit to:

  • Growing in our awareness and our understanding of diversity and inclusion issues.

  • Expanding our appreciation for the diversity in our school community and in our world.

  • Fostering a school culture of inclusion that is open, respectful, and appreciative of the diversity among us that enables all to participate and contribute to our Mercy community.

  • Creating opportunities for dialogue that deepen our understanding of realities and perceptions which may inhibit a culture of inclusion so we can intentionally promote a more inclusive culture.

  • Ensuring that policies, procedures, practices and behavior are consistent with our Mission and Core Values and reflect the inclusive community we aspire to be.

  • Taking action to break down barriers.

Our DEI Plan for Action

We will hold professional development for faculty, staff and students to improve our school climate, address microaggressions in the classroom and community, and actively confront bias.

We will conduct a faculty-led review of curriculum, with the guidance of a diversity practitioner, to ensure that students encounter diversity of ideas, historical perspectives, and voices in the content of the curriculum. We commit to making changes that result in a curriculum that is historically and culturally broader and more inclusive.

We will focus on more programming that celebrates cultural diversity, promotes allyship, and provides time and space necessary for difficult conversations. Grade-level retreats will be planned to encourage class unity. Student affinity groups will be enhanced to provide students with opportunities to share experiences, perspectives, and challenges with others who may have had similar experiences while also prioritizing student agency and leadership development. Students will be further empowered to lead in planning and action items, especially related to DEI.

We continue to update policies and practices and have made the hiring of a diverse faculty and staff an institutional priority for the school.

Community Programming and Activities

Student Affinity Groups will begin next week

What is an Affinity Group? What kind of groups does MMA have? When do they meet? Which students are leading the groups? 

To find out detailed answers to these questions, view our our slideshow, here

Merion Mercy was proud to sponsor the Gesu School’s 23rd Annual Symposium.

Merion Mercy was proud to be a sponsor of the Gesu School’s 23rd Annual Symposium, a discussion with Ibram X. Kendi, professor, historian, and best-selling author of the book, How to be an Antiracist, and one of Time's 100 Most Influential People of 2020. Featured in the introduction was Merion Mercy graduate Cierra Parker '20.

Click here to view recording of the event.


Merion Mercy's faculty and staff continue with its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work with an in-service.  

The group participated in a professional development day with another workshop led by our DEI consultant Trina Gary, CEO and Principal Consultant at Brown-Gary Associates, LLC, entitled, "Make Visible the Air we Breathe- Utilizing the ACT Paradigm™."

Allies Against Racism Affinity Group and the Sisters of Mercy put Mercy in Action by taking a Stand Against Racism

Merion Mercy Academy's Allies Against Racism Affinity Group and the Sisters of Mercy put Mercy in Action on the eve of Mercy Day (the anniversary of the opening of the first House of Mercy in Ireland in 1827) by taking a Stand Against Racism.

Message from Mercy Education System of the Americans (MESA) on National Hispanic Heritage Month 

"For our Mercy community, National Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated from September 15 to October 15, invites us to reflect on and celebrate the richness our Hispanic sisters and brothers bring to the tapestry of the United States.

We are proud of the diversity of our international system of Mercy education ministries, and we honor the history, culture and contributions of Hispanic staff, educators, students and alumni/alumnae at our schools."

MESA offers several resources to schools, teachers, and students. Please click here to learn more.

Faculty Workshop: ACT (Art Curating Truth) Paradigm


Merion Mercy’s faculty and staff in-service focused on our continued DEI work. Trina Gary of Brown-Gary Associates conducted a workshop on the ACT (Art Curating Truth) Paradigm. This summer, members of MMA's faculty and staff also participated in close to 30 unique DEI programs, including the five-week, Mercy Volunteer Corps Anti-Racism Prayer and Share, that 27 faculty and staff members attended.



(Video Credit: Kaije Williams '23)

MMA’s Black Student Union (BSU) celebrated and honored Juneteenth through the arts and talent of its members through prayer, singing, dancing, and poetry and a Jeopardy game to test their knowledge of Juneteenth’s history. BSU incoming President Amber Wiggins '21 shared, “Juneteenth inspires me to spread today’s history through traditions, celebrations, and commemoration. Today we rejoice and reflect on the accomplishments of those behind us. And, I look forward to witnessing how we honor Juneteenth as a national holiday in the future.”

Click here for Juneteenth resources and opportunities.


Black Student Union Leads All-School Event

The Black Student Union hosted and programmed an assembly to honor Black History month. The club incorporated prayerful reflection, poetry, live music, and dancing into the all-school event.

Founded in the 2018-19 school year, the Black Student Union is an organization created to unite African-Americans in the MMA community, provide education about Black heritage, history, and culture, and raise awareness in the school community about the challenges facing African Americans today.


A.S.I.A. Club: One of Four New Clubs that Launched in the 2019-20 School Year

The A.S.I.A. (Asian Students In America) Club began its first year as a Merion club last school year. The A.S.I.A. Club works to introduce and preserve the Asian cultures at MMA and explores different cultures and topics including pop culture, folk tales, language, music, and social problems in societies today.  Events from the 2019-20 school year included creating Japanese origami, writing names in Korean, and snacking on Vietnamese treats.


23+Me: Sisterhood is in our DNA—Freshman Experience

With the knowledge that freshman orientation extends well beyond a couple of days of introductions, meetings, and tours, the spring term presented a time for personal growth, class bonding, and further discovery of sisterhood. As we launched into the spring semester, a series of immersive and interactive activities took place, including: "Sister Soldier"—a workshop to learn the whys and hows of taking a stand to build sisterhood and empower your fellow sisters; and "Drum Like a Lady"—an all-female, black percussion band that focuses on wellness, female empowerment, and the importance of using your voice to "drum up" positive change in the world.


People of Color Conference/Student Diversity Leadership Conference 

Merion Mercy administrators, faculty, and students attended the People of Color Conference (PoCC)/Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC), the flagship of the National Association of Independent Schools' commitment to equity and justice in teaching and learning, in Seattle in early December 2019.

The mission of PoCC is to provide a safe space for leadership and professional development and networking for people of color and allies of all backgrounds in independent schools. PoCC equips educators at every level, from teachers to trustees, with knowledge, skills, and experiences to improve and enhance the interracial, interethnic, and intercultural climate in their schools, as well as the attending academic, social-emotional, and workplace performance outcomes for students and adults alike.

SDLC is a multiracial, multicultural gathering of upper school student leaders from across the U.S. and abroad. SDLC focuses on self-reflecting, forming allies, and building community. Led by a diverse team of trained adult and peer facilitators, participating students develop cross-cultural communication skills, design effective strategies for social justice practice through dialogue and the arts, and learn the foundations of allyship and networking principles. In addition to large group sessions, SDLC "family groups" and "home groups" allow for dialogue and sharing in smaller units.


Villanova University Program: "Responding to Everyday Bias with Dialogue"

Dr. Teresa Nance, PhD, Associate Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion at Villanova University, along with eleven Villanova faculty members led students, faculty and staff in a half-day program entitled "Responding to Everyday Bias with Dialogue" in February 2020.  The program included a whole-group presentation in the gym followed by separate student and staffulty breakout sessions.  


Rho Kappa's Common Hour

Inspired by the tradition of many smaller liberal arts colleges, the Common Hour is an opportunity for all members of the Merion Mercy community to engage in a collective discussion of a contemporary social issue through the lens of academic scholarship. For the 2019-20 school year, the focal point for the Common Hour was on the intersection of the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy with the best practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Hosted by MMA's Rho Kappa (Social Studies Honor Society) Dr. Carol Rittner, RSM, Distinguished Professor of Holocaust & Genocide Studies Emerita, Stockton University, spoke on her recently published book, The Holocaust and the Christian World.  


Mercy + Social Justice

The Sisters of Mercy ask us to focus on their guiding principles; they ask us to “work passionately to eliminate poverty, the widespread denial of human rights, the degradation of earth, the increase in violence and racism, the continued oppression of women, the abuse of children, the mistreatment of immigrants and the lack of solidarity among people and nations.”

Click here to learn more about the Sisters of Mercy and their mission and critical concerns.

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