Meet Our Donors

MMA Continues to Make a Difference in Our Life

"Going through MMA with my three sisters had a great impact on me and still shapes the woman I am today. We lived and breathed MMA principles at school, at home and in our community. We shared core values of giving back, stepping up to leadership roles and finding the courage ‘to dare and do.’ MMA has made and continues to make a difference in our life journeys. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am and will continue to thankful for being part of a community of people with so much good will.”
–Bridget E. Kelly, D.Ed. ‘73

Our Continued Support Will Preserve the Legacy

"I distinctly remember sitting on a pew outside the Admissions Office as I waited for my scholarship interview. I was a nervous eighth grader–not about the interview, but at the idea that perhaps my Merion experience would somehow not measure up to that of my three older sisters. After all, the school would look different (the first renovation was nearing completion), some of their favorite teachers had retired, and I wasn't sure if I would participate in the same activities. I sat there and wondered if in light of all these things, I might somehow miss 'the' Merion experience. Fast forward fifteen years and I sat in an unrecognizable new space at my ten year Merion reunion. The building looked different. The faculty had changed. And it didn't matter. It was no more and no less for any one of us–whether we graduated in 2007 or 1997. It was ours. And it will remain as such. Merion gave me the space to find out who I wanted to be in a world that is changing by the minute. I count myself the benefactor of an incredible gift. Scholarships ensure the legacy of that gift for the next generation of eighth grade girls anxiously looking forward to their own Merion experience. It may look completely different from my own, but our continued support will preserve its legacy and ensure that it is completely theirs."
–Mimi DiSipio '07 

The Impact of Scholarships

“I was 14 years old, when I received a call from Merion Mercy Academy. The woman on the other end of the phone congratulated me and my family. She shared that I had received one of two music scholarships! A lot has happened since 2014, but a few moments remain perfectly clear: the first friends I made at the Merion Mercy Academy scholarship reception, the early morning drives to chorale practice, after-school ensemble rehearsals, and late nights performing in the Merion Mercy Music Theater orchestra, to name a few. However, the music department is so much more than the list of activities it offers because it comprises faculty who are passionate about their work, who invest their blood, sweat and tears into cultivating our musical talents, and inspire us to do the same in every aspect of our lives. The music department truly has some of the most brilliant, kind, and dedicated individuals I know, and without them I would not be half the musician nor person I am today.”
–Sumin Walker ’18

Be a Blessing to Someone Else by Giving

“I received an excellent education at Merion Mercy, and I learned both the value of hard work and joy of lasting friendships. As an alumna, I have been blessed by the Christian education, friendships and moral compass that I gained at MMA. The least that I can do is be a blessing to someone else by giving.”
-Laura Stubbs ’75


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