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Fine Arts Scholarship 

Click here for application form and criteria.

Policies for Art Scholarship Recipient 

One student will be selected for a fine arts scholarship in the amount of $3,000 for each year they attend Merion Mercy Academy.  The student who receives an art scholarship is expected to be an integral part of the visual arts program and must fulfill the following requirements each year.  Art Scholars will be required to:

  • Participate in the Art Major Program grades ten through twelve. N.B.  If the recipient’s ninth grade schedule permits, Principles of Design 1 and Principles of Design 2 may also be taken.
  • Apply herself earnestly toward an excellence in art by maintaining a B+ average in art courses.  
  • Act as a leader and a role model for her peers in art class.
  • Maintain academic honors each semester or a B+ average overall in her academic studies.
  • Participate in Open House each year by assisting with setup in the art room, demonstrate current art projects in progress and generally represent the art program in the Art and Design Center during Open House tours.
  • Participate actively in Merion’s National Art Honor Society giving service to both school and global communities.
  • Join Stage Crew to help with set design, set painting, and/or lights and sound for the Merion Mercy Music Theater productions.  (If a cast member, exempt from this requirement.)
  • Design promotional materials for annual school functions and special events requiring art or graphic design, in the form of posters, ads, and program covers.
  • Assist the art department chairperson in the setup of displays for the Annual Fine Arts Exhibit.

Application Process

For consideration, the applicant must complete the following steps:

1.      Complete the Art Scholarship application.

2.      Register and sit for the Entrance and Scholarship Exam.

3.      Create an original Mercy Core Value piece of art work detailed below *.  Sign your work clearly.

4.      Photograph your Mercy Core Value art work.

5.      Save your art work as a jpeg labeled with your name (ex: yourname art.jpg).

6.      Attach and send the Mercy Core Value artwork photo (labeled and jpeg format only) and Fine Arts Scholarship application form (can be scanned or take a photo of it and send as a jpeg) to by November 16, 2018. An email confirmation will follow the receipt of your application and photo.

At Merion Mercy Academy, we live our mission and core values every day.  Each student is empowered to live her life with Mercy and to change the world in diversely positive ways.  Merion Mercy Academy’s curriculum stresses mercy spirituality, global awareness and social responsibility.  We live and stand by these Mercy Core Values:

  • Spiritual Growth and Development
  • Compassion and Service 
  • Concern for Women and Women’s Issues 
  • Collaboration with Others 
  • Global Vision and Responsibility                              
  • Educational Excellence 

Choose one of the six core values listed above that inspires you to create.  Then illustrate what these words mean to you by preparing an original piece of art expressing your interpretation of your chosen Mercy Core Value.  Do not include the actual words or letters in your artwork. Your submission must be your own work without the use of borrowed or internet images. 

Medium: You may use any two-dimensional visual form you wish: drawing (pencil, colored pencil, marker), painting (watercolor, acrylic, oil), mixed media collage, printmaking, photography.  

Dimensions: 8½ x 10” or 9 x 12”, landscape or portrait orientation.

Semifinalists will be contacted soon after November 16, 2018. They will be required to visit Merion Mercy for an interview and to present a portfolio of at least six (6) actual artworks (please see examples below) the week of November 26, 2018. The applicant’s portfolio is to be presented on the day of the semi-finalist interviews.  These artworks should represent appropriate skills with as many different media as possible and should only include your best work.   A strong portfolio might include any one of the following:

  • Self-portrait drawing in pencil or charcoal
  • Landscape painting in oils, acrylic or watercolor
  • Still-life drawing in color pencil
  • Mixed media abstract collage
  • Print (any printmaking process)
  • Photograph
  • Sculpture or pottery: 3-D work may be included in the portfolio as an 8.5x 10” photograph; it will not be necessary to present the actual 3-D piece at time of interview.
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