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Festival of the Arts 2022

In May 2022 the arts rejoiced as we celebrated accomplishments and awards with a special event, Festival of the Arts. We began with the official induction ceremony of the National Art Honor Society and Tri-M Music Honor Society, recognizing our students for their contributions of service through the visual and performing arts. The Festival continued with two additional dimensions: the premiere of the Annual Fine Arts Show  and the Senior Showcase

The Arts Spring to Life through Virtual Platforms

The originals are out of reach for now, but you can still see the artwork of our exceptionally talented Merion Mercy artists. Much like some of the most famous museums in the world, MMA is broadening access to art. Students used virtual gallery space to showcase their masterpieces.

Explore the cross-curricular collaboration project, "World Outside My Window." This innovative and timely initiative came out of the  Art and English Departments, which worked together to pair drawings of window views with texts that reveal—either physically or allegorically—what the drawings cannot.  Each drawing offered a writer a chance to journey through the world as seen through the artist’s window. Taken together, these views resonate. Click here to view.

MMA Students Are Visionaries!

The Visual Arts program at MMA enables our students to find their creative voice and express their dreams, stories, and view of the world through use of visual media. The study of art also enhances self-esteem, cognition, and critical thinking. Many art processes, techniques, forms and art tools are implemented across the program. Everything from creating with pencil, charcoal, watercolor, and pastels to working with clay in sculpting, to 2D, 3D, and graphic design, printmaking, computer graphics, and more is experienced within the Art Department curriculum.

Art Major

MMA's art major program may begin in sophomore year.  Art graduates garner important skills that will last their entire lives; they will be able to create, produce, and present their art while making connections - both interpersonal and abstract. The prerequisite for an art major is the presentation of recent pieces of art, an essay and interview with the art department head.

National Art Honor Society

The National Art Honor society is based on the principles of Art Scholarship, Character, and Service. All students are invited to NAHS with the understanding that members use their creative talents in service of others. After providing at least 15 hours of art-related service to those in need, these qualified students are registered with the National Art Education Association and are inducted each spring at Merion's official induction ceremony.  

Fine Arts Scholarship

The Sister Ethel Sweeney, RSM Fine Arts Scholarship. is a partial scholarship awarded to one student for each year she attends Merion Mercy. Click here for application form and criteria. 

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