The Parents Association Council has already begun to plan engaging programs and events that will allow you to experience our warm and vibrant community during the 2022-23 school year.

About the Parents Association

Merion Mercy is more than just a community of students—our parents and caregivers are actively engaged as well. The Parents Association (PA) supports our faculty, staff, and students and works in tandem with the school to support its overall mission as an educational community rooted in the values of the Sisters of Mercy.

The PA Council works to foster a spirit of camaraderie, community, and collaboration by providing opportunities for parents to meet socially, become meaningfully involved in the life of the school community, engage in parent education and dialogue, and participate in service activities and spiritual enrichment programs. We also work to facilitate financial and volunteer support for the goals, needs, and mission of the school.

You can volunteer as much or as little as you like, and we hope you will take the opportunity when you can—it’s the best way to get to know the school while modeling our Mercy values of collaboration and service. Your participation is sure to enrich not only your daughter’s Merion Mercy experience, but your own as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to join?

Not at all! Every Merion Mercy parent and caregiver is automatically a member of the Parents Association. We invite you to take an active role by joining us for meetings, volunteering for events, and participating in programs and activities throughout the year.

Where can I find a schedule of events?

Up-to-date Parents Association information may be found in the Resources section of MyMMA. Parent events are added to the school calendar as they are scheduled, and the calendar may be found on the website here and on MyMMA. You may also import the Merion school calendar into your own calendar application, including Google Calendar or Apple Calendar. A Parents Association newsletter is sent monthly via email and will include information on upcoming events, registration deadlines, and volunteer opportunities.
How can I help?
We welcome your participation as we work to develop and host fun and interesting programming for our parent and caregiver community. Please check the Parents Association resource tile in Resources in MyMMA for a complete list of our programs, events, and committees.  


Are there any requirements for volunteering?

In order to volunteer at Merion Mercy in a capacity that involves interacting with our students, you must have on file the proper background checks, clearances, and training certificates. One of the requirements involves attending a class either in person or via a scheduled Zoom, so please plan ahead—don't wait and have to scramble at the last minute! A complete list of clearance requirements may be found here.

Stay Connected With the Parents Association 

Questions? Feel free to contact the Parents Association: parentsassociation@merion-mercy.com

Current Parents and Caregivers: Please check the "Parents Association" tile in the "Resources" tab of MyMMA for complete information on current events and committees. 

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