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For this school year we have a newly-aligned and consistent set of rules for uniforms across all grade levels.  In keeping with recent years’ modifications, students are allowed to wear either the yellow or white golf shirt during any season.  

Winter Uniform      

  • The winter uniform consists of the MMA blazer, plaid kilt, yellow or white golf shirt, and a brown Oxford-style tie-shoe or brown Sperry.
  • If/when a student is not wearing the blazer, a navy MMA sweater (with red piping) or the official (uniform) MMA fleece must be worn during the winter season.
  • Navy tights are required to be worn with the winter uniform; they may not have holes or runs.
  • The plaid kilt should be no more than 4 inches above the knee.
  • The brown shoe must have a full back, a firm sole, and heels no higher than one inch.  They must also have laces and tie.  The shoe should not have a patterned design.  It may not be a moccasin slipper, boot, or sneaker-type shoe.  A brown leather Oxford, a brown Sperry, or a brown suede buck style shoe is recommended.     
  • Socks worn with the winter uniform need to be solid navy or black in color and they must be pulled above/over the tights.  No cut-off tights or bare ankles are permitted.   
  • Athletic leggings and yoga pants are not acceptable substitutes for tights. 

Fall/Spring Uniform

  • The fall/spring uniform consists of the khaki skirt and a yellow or white golf shirt.
  • The khaki skirt should be no more than 4 inches above the knee.
  • If a t-shirt is worn under the school golf shirt, then it must be all white.
  • Tights are worn in the fall and spring when the weather is cool (as determined by the administration).
  • The school sweater, fleece, or blazer may also be worn if/when the weather is cool.
  • The brown tie shoe is worn with only white socks that have a cuff of at least one inch; no colored socks are allowed.

Blazers must be worn for all formal events: school liturgies, prayer services, and assemblies.

Pins on Blazer Lapels

  • All pins must be Merion Mercy related or relevant.
  • They must reflect association with a student’s most recent activity or sport.
  • The maximum number to be work on a blazer at one time is 8.
  • Special ad buttons and commemorative ribbons may only be worn during the week of the show or activity/event. 


  • A student may only wear sneakers if she has written permission from a doctor stating the injury (or need for accommodation) and the forecasted time for recovery.
  • Whenever sneakers are worn – for approved medical reasons or by decree of the administration – they must be white, black, navy, or gray.  No exceptions are made for outlandish colors and/or designs.
  • Seniors are permitted, as a privilege, to wear college sweatshirts or MMA spirit gear (sweatshirts or fleeces) on Fridays.  When doing so, they must wear a uniform golf shirt underneath.  Seniors are not permitted to wear other high schools’ sweatshirts (with their logos, etc).

Gym Uniforms
Gym uniforms must be ordered online. The total cost for the tee shirt and the shorts is $30. If you need to purchase a gym uniform, you may do so here. The order deadline is July 2 (there will be no shipping fees if ordered by this deadline).

A few important facts:

  • The t-shirts and shorts run on the small side
  • A school sweat shirt and pants will be an optional addition to the gym uniform
  • Uniforms will be delivered directly to the school and will be distributed the first week of school.
  • If you miss the July 2 deadline, you may still place an order, but orders will need to be picked up at B&E Sportswear in Broomall or the uniform will be delivered to your house (there is a shipping fee).
  • Now that the gym uniform ordering process is online, you will be able to place orders all year long, so if your daughter loses and/or outgrows her uniform, you can place an online order for a new one at any time, the school does not supply them.


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