Self-Carry Medications


The following criteria are required for a student to self-carry and /or administer medication at school and after-school activities:

 Students will be responsible to carry their medication with them to all off-campus school-related functions independently of the school nurse’s office.

 1. Self-administration of medication is permitted only for emergency medication such as inhalers and adrenaline (EpiPen/Auvi-Q).

 2. If the child may self-administer, additional medication should be kept in the nurse’s office in case the student forgets or misplaces her emergency medication.

 3. Medications which are carried by the students will be labeled with the student’s name and must remain in the original container with the original pharmacy label.

 4. Medications must be carried in a safe manner preferably in a purse or pocket.

 5. Students are not permitted to share any medication with any other student, including both prescription medications and over-the-counter medications or supplements. Any student who violates this policy on school grounds at any time is subject to the Pennsylvania State Crime Code.

 6. If the student needs to use the self-carry medication, they must immediately go to the nurse’s office to inform the school nurse. The nurse will assess the health of the student, document the use of the medication, and arrange for further medical attention as needed. If an Epi-pen is administered, a call will be placed to 911 immediately.

 7. The decision to allow a student to self-administer medication must always include overall supervision of the school nurse with appropriate, periodic nursing evaluation of the student’s technique and self-assessment skills.

 An Emergency Action Plan must be completed for ALL students self-carrying inhalers and EpiPens/Auvi-Q(the action plan includes prescribed permission to self carry/parental consent – no need to use separate self carry form).

 Link for Asthma Action Plan
 Link for Allergy Action Plan

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