Procedures for Late Arrivals and Early Dismissals

Procedures for Late Arrivals

  • If a student will be arriving to school late, a parent/guardian is expected to call the attendance office (610-664-6655 x119) before 8:30 a.m.
  • Upon the student’s arrival, she needs to bring a signed note from a parent/guardian to the Attendance Office and then she will receive a late slip to class.

Procedures for Early Dismissal

  • A student needing to leave school early must bring a signed note to the Attendance Office prior to the start of the school day.
  • The student will receive an early dismissal slip from the Attendance Office to present to her teacher before leaving school.
  • If a student arrives at school and she needs to unexpectedly leave early (without having turned in a signed note requesting early dismissal to the Attendance Office), please click here to fill out  the necessary form. A completed and signed copy of this form is required and will suffice as permission from a parent for the student to leave school early. 

Student Lateness

  • A student is late if she is not in her first class in full uniform before the bell rings.
  • A late student must report to the attendance office for a late slip before being admitted to class.
  • A student’s lateness is marked on her attendance record.
  • Lateness is excused only when the school bus fails to arrive at school on time.
  • Although each lateness is recorded, a student is granted four per semester, which can be used for doctor’s appointments, weather problems, or unexpected transportation problems. A student will be given a detention when the number of late days exceeds the four per semester. The detention must be taken on the day of lateness at 3:15-3:45 or the following day at 7:40-8:10 or 3:15-3:45.
  • A student who is late ten times in a semester will incur a Saturday detention.
  • Students arriving to school after 9:00 a.m. or having an extended stay in the infirmary may not participate in any athletic or extra-curricular activities that day unless the dean of students makes an exception.



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