Procedures for Student Absence

Procedures for Student Absence

  • On the day of absence, a parent/guardian calls the attendance office (610-664-6655, x119) before 8:30 a.m.
  • Upon the student’s return to school, she needs to bring a signed note to the attendance office with her name, date(s) of absences, and reason for absence. The School Code of Pennsylvania requires a reason for absence. A parent or guardian must sign the note.
  • Students absent for three or more consecutive days must submit a doctor’s note.
  • Students are expected to make arrangements to complete any missed work on the first day after returning from an absence.
  • For planned absences, parents/guardians must communicate a student’s absence three days in advance of the starting date of the absence. The Office of the Assistant Head of School for Student Affairs will communicate this absence to the teachers. The student is responsible to obtain assignments from her teachers.
  • Students absent from school or having an extended stay in the infirmary may not participate in any athletic or extra-curricular activities that day unless the Assistant Head of School for Student Affairs makes an exception.
  • A student who accumulates 16 absences jeopardizes her promotion at the end of the school year. She may be asked to attend summer school.

Procedure for Absence for College Visit/Interviews

  • A senior is permitted two full days or four half vouchers to visit college campuses and/or have interviews.
  • A student’s voucher days must be used before May 3, 2019.
  • A form from the college counseling office must be signed by a college counselor and the student’s parent/guardian, and registered with the attendance office one day prior to the absence. If the form is not handed in ahead of time, it will not be considered an excused absence.
  • A student should inform her teachers and is responsible for all academic work missed.
  • The student may participate in athletic or extracurricular activities.

Perfect Attendance

  • At the end of the school year, perfect attendance is awarded to students who are not absent for all or any part of each official school day.
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