Theology Studies

At Merion Mercy, a private Catholic school, Theology sits equally alongside English and Math as a core area of study. Our four-year program focuses on faith development; knowledge of Scripture and Catholic Church teaching and practice; ethical reasoning and moral development in the Catholic Social Tradition; and integrating faith in the real world through living spirituality. 

Women exercising leadership in the Church is stressed throughout, and the importance of service, social responsibility, community and prayer are woven into each course.

Our Approach

Our Theology Department aims to provide a program rich in the Catholic Christian tradition, attentive to the diverse cultural identities of students, and imbued with the Mercy charism of Catherine McAuley. 

Outcomes of our theology program of study include:

  • An understanding of and the appreciation for the beliefs, teachings, rites, and history of the Catholic Church. A grasp of the meaning of salvation history and students’ place in it.

  • An understanding of the Mercy charism, the life and work of Catherine McAuley, and the history, current works, and Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy (Nonviolence, Women, Earth, Anti-Racism, Immigration).

  • An understanding of the meaning and the power of sacred scripture and the ability to use scripture for prayer and guidance.

  • The ability to apply a moral decision-making process grounded in scripture, Church documents, reason, and experience.

  • An ability to critically and creatively reflect upon contemporary cultural realities (social, economic, political) in light of Christian faith and reason and develop actionable steps to address such realities.

Further detail on the key elements of MMA’s theology study can be found on our Theology Department page.