Phenomenal Weekend for MMA Rowing at City Championships
Posted 05/07/2019 04:27PM

MMA rowers were in peak form all weekend with the V4+, Ltwt 8+, Ltwt 4+, JV4+ and Freshman 8+ all advancing to Sunday's finals. The V8+ battled a deep field and finished 8th overall on Saturday which was just short of reaching Sunday's festivities. Our V8+ features some of our up and coming rowers as well as senior Diamond Figueroa who has led by fine example all year long (Sammy Szlachta '22, Meriden McLaughlin '22, Gaelen Coleman '20, Molli Hoerz '21, Mollie DeShan '21, Christina Giangiordano '21, Maggie DeShan '20, Diamond Figueroa '19, Emma Friel '22).

Despite Sunday's bad weather, the course offered fast racing with a strong current and a tailwind to give us a push. Please join us in congratulating the Ltwt 4+ for a fantastic performance finishing 4th. Sydney Kaiser '21 was flawless in leading Suzie Dupnock '20, Morgan Doyle '21, Ellie Judge '21 and Liz Haas '21down the course and missed a medal by one second. 

Special congratulations to the V4+ (Sophia Lamb '19, Katie Ernst '19, Ryan Hendrzak '21, Emma McIntyre '20, and coxswain Anna DiCandilo '20) for finishing 3rd, and to the JV4+ (Erin Donaher '20, Regina Passarella '21, Maddie Depommier '20, Emma Staples '21 and coxswain Caileigh Grimes '21) for finishing 2nd!  Close racing in tough categories that could have gone either way, but our girls were up for the challenge all weekend! 

In what has become a magical season for a special group of young ladies, a big congratulations to the Freshman 8+ for continuing to dominate!  (Fiona Scherf, Megan Mallon, Sydney Devine, Shea Callahan, Caroline Schrieber, Olivia Tingley-Kelley, Kiersten Claxton, Justine Medveckus, and coxswain Amy Werner) They won again in a close race. This year has been very special as they have won races by big and small margins, and they just keep winning. 

Finally, the Ltwt 8+ (Erin Welch '19, Caroline Riley '20, Isabelle Millan '21, Catherine Montgomery '21, Catherine Garvey, '21 Taylor Gregitis '19, Izzie Begley '19, Phoebe DeVlieger, '20 coxswain Cece Wendel '19), who won Gold and celebrated with a golden toss and Schuylkill bath for coxswain Cece Wendel. (Special thanks to Joe DiCandilo for capturing that special moment from the tower.) MMA Rowing took the lead from the jump and was not giving anything to the field which included our biggest competitors from over the years.

The teams also dedicated their races to Coach Brown's mother who passed away recently. What a great showing and class act ladies!