Creative Discovery

We believe creativity is the ultimate form of self discovery and expression, and encourage your daughter to embrace her artistic spirit. We’ve seen first-hand the impact of creative subjects on students’ personal development, and know it greatly contributes to honing the soft skills required for professional success.

Through myriad creative outlets, students can have fun while learning more about themselves, crafting their innovation process, and honing their talents. From our National Arts Honor Society to Merion Mercy Music Theater, from dance to design, the opportunities for creative discovery are endless. If art or music is a true passion or career pursuit, we offer academic majors in both the fine arts and performing arts, starting as early as sophomore year.

Putting the A in STEAM

Interdisciplinary study is essential for today’s learners. Combining the Arts and STEM we forge full STEAM ahead at Merion, with our Innovation, Discovery and Design Center placing students at the forefront of connective learning. 

This center is an interdisciplinary space focused on design thinking and inquiry across disciplines. Your student can bring her ideas to life via a multitude of mediums, from scale models to smart devices to podcasts, videos and documentaries.

Creative thinking, logic, and solutions based problem-solving are important skills garnered through participation in the arts, so we encourage all students to engage in our Fine and Performing Arts programs.


“The best thing about being a Merion student is being able to have access to the different activities and classes that can help anyone flourish, whether it will be in mathematics, science, music or art.”
—Zipporah Sills ’23, Upper Darby, Pa.