Tuition, Scholarships & Financial Aid

Why a Merion Mercy Education?

A Merion Mercy education is an investment in your daughter’s future.

  • It’s accepting nothing less than academic excellence and transformative learning experiences. 

  • It’s seeing her inspired and empowered to lead and serve in the Mercy tradition. 

  • It’s committing to her growth as a healthy, independent and strong young woman.

  • It’s knowing that this education will prepare her for academic and professional success that will satisfy her personal aspirations and serve the world.

“I am thankful that my parents sent me to a school where I have made connections that will last a lifetime."
—Nina Gilbert ‘22, Spelman College
student speaking into microphone
“Thank you, Merion, for giving me confidence in myself and showing me how to be a courageous woman in the world."
—Monica Merenda ‘22, New York University
two students after high school graduation
“I am grateful to my parents for this Christ-centered education that will benefit me for the rest of my life."
—Erin Kirk ‘22, Duquesne University

Tuition & Fees 2022–23

We understand the role that cost can play in the decision to choose a private school education. In order to provide you with a full financial picture, we have taken care to outline our tuition and any associated fees.

Tuition for Merion Mercy is $21,950 per year (inclusive of the activity fee, which covers many school events, yearbook and the literary magazine, and is typically a separate charge at other schools). Should you have more than one daughter attending MMA, we offer a 10% discount for the second and subsequent daughters during concurrent enrollment years.

Additional costs include:

  • Our school uniform is approximately $500.

  • Personal laptop or iPad

  • Sports fees (if your daughter is a member of an athletic team). Team fees are approximately $250, which does not include personal equipment. For the crew team, the cost is approximately $1,500 and includes their uniform and equipment. Please feel free to contact Director of Athletics, Shannon Fisher (, for a detailed quote should your daughter be interested in a specific sport.

  • Book fees for novels and workbooks for some courses

  • Course fees for AP courses, online courses and Art courses

For questions about tuition payment plans, contact our Business Office at 610-664-6655 ext.152.


We are pleased to offer a number of scholarships to exceptional students.

Financial Aid

We are committed to offering an excellent education to all qualified students. Our financial aid program is designed to bridge the gap between a family’s ability to pay and the true cost of an MMA education.

Successful applicants are accepted to MMA without regard to the family’s financial situation, and a subsequent financial aid application will have no bearing on that decision. We are unable to guarantee that we can meet all families’ financial needs, but we do currently provide financial assistance to a third of our students.

Please click here for the Financial Aid Student Tuition (FAST) form, and see below for answers to some of the most common questions regarding financial aid.

Financial aid applications and award data remain confidential within the Financial Assistance Committee. Likewise, MMA expects families to keep their awards confidential.

Incoming freshmen:

The deadline to complete the application was October 31, 2022. Families applying for financial aid will be notified of their tentative award within a week of their formal acceptance.

Current school families with new financial aid applications:

The deadline to complete the application was January 1, 2023. 

All tax documentation must be sent directly to FAST by March 1, 2023.

The Financial Aid Committee met in mid-January 2023; families were notified of their decision by February 1, 2023.

Current school families with renewing financial aid applications: 

The deadline to complete the application was February 1, 2023. 

All financial and tax documents are due to FAST by March 15, 2023.