Throughout the English curriculum, teachers highlight the interconnectedness of literature, history, and culture. During the course of their studies, students will become familiar with great writers and thinkers of American, British, and world literature and will read texts from the 11th Century through the present. 

The English Department, recognizing the power of the spoken and written word to inform, inspire, and transform, seeks to help students become critical thinkers, discerning readers, proficient writers, and eloquent speakers. To accomplish its goal, the department maintains rigorous standards, offers exciting courses, and provides opportunities for students to participate in academic contests and to publish their work.

Department Goals

  • Understand historical/literary periods of the United States and Great Britain

  • Develop the reading skills necessary to comprehend, analyze, and enjoy fiction and non-fiction works 

  • Appreciate the richness of diverse authors and their work

  • Possess knowledge of literary techniques and devices

  • Make thematic connections with material covered in other curriculum areas       

  • Have experience writing in a variety of forms and for a variety of purposes and audiences

  • Develop a personal style and voice

  • Develop precision and clarity of expression in their writing and speaking

  • Effectively use technology to gather and synthesize information and to communicate ideas


The English Department offers a broad range of courses. Honors classes are open to qualified students. Freshmen are placed based upon their standardized test scores, HSPT results, placement test, and 7th and 8thgrade marks. Thereafter, students are placed by the department. Students are required to take Literature and Writing, American Literature, British Literature, Effective Writing, and two semesters of courses* selected from those numbered from 140 to 150. 

*Applies only to students who do not take AP English Literature and Composition.