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Ready for College

At Merion Mercy, we ensure that students receive ongoing support as they search for and apply to colleges that match their individual interests and abilities.

Our approach takes into account every aspect of the process, from standardized testing through to college fairs. Each junior and senior student meets individually and in groups with her college counselor to plan for her post-MMA education. Our College Seminar course, newly introduced in 2022, meets twice a month to cover college journey topics. 

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A Fair Assessment

Just as we help students craft an internal wisdom that equips them for the external world, we believe that selecting a college requires the student to assess themself - their individual needs, strengths, preferences and values - as much as assessing the college. Which is to say: the process begins within. 

As Frank Sachs, former president of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, said, “College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.” The ideal pairs a student with the school that best fulfills that student’s academic, social and aspirational needs. The best fit is where a student will thrive and be happy.


Tailored Guidance

Here at MMA, our college counseling procedure encompasses all four years of high school, with tailored guidance for each school year. This thoughtful process ensures there are no surprises along the way, and that each girl is best prepared for success. We provide an exhaustive breakdown of what to think of when, down to seasonal (fall, winter, spring) advice for Grade 11 students, and in a monthly format for those in Grade 12. This process ensures that no detail is overlooked!

We are proud to state that our students have a 100% acceptance rate into four year colleges, with $24 million in college merit scholarships awarded in 2022.


School Profile and College and University Acceptances

Current parents, caregivers and students can visit the "Resources" tab of MyMMA to access counseling resources.

Meet our dedicated College Counseling staff

Amanda Farrell

Amanda Farrell

College Counselor
Sally McGovern

Sally McGovern

Assistant to Counseling and Summer Programs
Theresa Yerger

Theresa Yerger

Director of College Counseling