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Prepped for Success

From day one, our team works together to design a curriculum that’s tailored for your daughter's success, during her four year journey toward graduation and beyond. Our goal is to help her expand her comfort zone, with classes that focus on one-to-one learning, teach critical thinking and strategic analysis, and help perfect her problem-solving skills. 


Support for Your Learning Style

Our educational model is focused on the development of personal skills as well as academic prowess. With a 10:1 student-to-teacher ratio and an average class size of just 16, our devoted faculty have the time to get to know your student. The focus is on building a trusting bond that ultimately makes classroom learning even more productive, with the teacher able to understand and support her unique learning style. 


Committed and Engaged Faculty

Merion Mercy teachers leave a lasting impact. Whether as club moderators, Kairos leaders, or advisors, our faculty go above and beyond the classroom to build transformative relationships with your student. Seniors and recent alumnae often remark on teachers who challenged them, opened doors, provided support, and helped them discover their passion and purpose. 


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"My teachers have unceasingly supported me through the challenging  courses offered."
—Margaret Judge '25, Audubon, NJ
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"I am thankful for Merion's way of teaching critical thinking, writing, and discussion skills."
—Keiko Nguyen '25, Philadelphia
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“Every one of my teachers has inspired me to be a better student and person.”
—Tessa Purcell ‘23, Springfield, Pa.

Discover Your Voice 

Merion Mercy Girls learn how to communicate effectively, eloquently, and persuasively. This is a rare skill today, and our students are often commended by college professors and industry leaders on their superior writing abilities - an asset in every career. We pride ourselves on the articulate writers, passionate speakers and critical thinkers that our Mercy education produces. Written and oral presentation skills are so important they’re taught in every classroom, and are enhanced by an Effective Writing Class for all sophomores. With a Merion education, your daughter gains the tools and the confidence to express herself in whatever she does.


Innovation First

We actively prepare your student for the careers of tomorrow, at pace with the rapid technological advances in our society. Our focus is on forging 21st century levels of collaboration, communication, creativity, and digital citizenship, and as such we continually develop, evaluate, and refine approaches to education that leverage emerging technologies, support collaborative learning, and bridge the physical/digital realms. These skills are developed across our rigorous curriculum, in our unique Diploma with Distinction program, and through our STEAM initiatives and 16 AP courses. 

Our Discovery and Design Studio is an interdisciplinary space dedicated to empowering your student to ideate, design, prototype, and evaluate. By integrating design thinking and inquiry across disciplines, the space serves as a powerful learning environment for her to bring her ideas to life, through the creation of scale models, podcasts, videos, documentaries, working machines, programmed "smart" devices, and 3D-printed or fabricated artifacts.

Discovery and Design

"Every teacher I have had at Merion has made me grow academically and spiritually in some way."
Julianna Amoroso '24, Philadelphia

Academic Team

Philip Vinogradov

Philip Vinogradov

Interim Assistant Head of School for Academics
Kelley Glynn

Kelley Glynn

Registrar/Admin. Assistant to the Asst. Head for Academics
Alison Kelly '99

Alison Kelly '99

Academic Success Coordinator
Mary Ann Danovich

Mary Ann Danovich

Master Schedule and Data Manager