Strategic Plan: Boundless Mercy, Infinite Possibilities

What this world needs is a lot more Mercy.

Mercy has no beginning, no end, no limits. The more it is given and received, the more it grows. It is adaptive by nature, a force for all people and all times. We believe that Mercy has infinite power to transform people and our world for good. Boundless Mercy, Infinite Possibilities is a dynamic roadmap for the next five years that will activate our community’s sense of faith, purpose and belonging while developing smart, skilled, healthy and compassionate leaders who are uniquely prepared to take Mercy into an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

For 138 years, our unshakable focus has been on empowering girls to better the world.

Our school evolves as the world changes to empower young women with strong voices and values rooted in Mercy.

Five Strategic Priorities

To move Merion Mercy Academy along a continued path of excellence, innovation, and continued vitality, our strategic priorities fall into five areas.

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Strategic Plan Brochure