Exploring Science: A Week of Discovery at Merion Mercy Academy

Science Week at Merion Mercy Academy
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Science Week at Merion Mercy Academy is always filled with a variety of engaging and fun activities. While a visit by Science Teacher Arielle Chard’s cows tends to be the highlight, this year introduced a number of new attractions, including:

  • Dr. Oakley’s Bird Museum, which addressed bird migration, common birds in Pennsylvania, and bird safety

  • A CPR-a-thon during which Mr. York taught students how to save a life using proper CPR techniques

  • The Case of Dr. Hogg’s Missing Cookies in which students were introduced to forensic science and had their investigative skills tested

  • AP Biology undergraduate-level student posters representing their research on metabolic diseases

Throughout the week, the girls also enjoyed a Swap Till You Drop for which they brought clothing they no longer wear to earn tickets to shop from others’ wardrobes. It was a great way to refresh one’s closet without resorting to “fast fashion,” an industry which has environmental impacts from water consumption to global gas emissions.

Dr. Hogg calls Science Week “near and dear to my heart.” She explains:

“It is so important to ensure that we model that science is for everyone, especially women. In the sciences, women are often underrepresented, so it's important to encourage, inspire, and demonstrate to our students that they can be a scientist and they can help ignite change in the world around them. 

Each member of the science department gets one day to share their scientific passions with our students. When I was in high school, my chemistry teacher fostered my love of the sciences. She showed me that there was a place for me in science and because of that, she opened up a world of career possibilities to me. For that, I am forever grateful for her.”