Seniors Share Mercy Mystics Project

Three years ago, a group of Merion Theology teachers collaborated to develop Mercy Mystics, a senior capstone project and outgrowth of a previous senior theology course, "Contemporary Christian Women." Spanning both semesters, students are tasked with building upon the work from their previous Social Justice Leadership course to bring to life one of the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy—Women, Immigration, Earth, Racism, and Nonviolence.

Recently, seniors were invited to share their Mercy Mystics poster presentations in the Student Center. Many addressed sensitive topics including eating disorders, sexual assault on college campuses, generational trauma, and mental health.

Meanwhile, in the PWC, a number of related hands-on activities took place, including:

  • Bracelet making from repurposed plastic

  • Dog toy making from recycled materials

  • “Hope Note” writing; notes of encouragement for those impacted by substance use disorder

  • Reflection time regarding gun violence (Philadelphia focus); writing anonymous personal reflections, remembrances, prayers, and words of support for those affected

  • Thank you note writing and card making for veterans

Theology Department Chair Mrs. Marianne Rule explains, "The Critical Concerns have many facets that may invite us to reflect on our own experiences and on topics close to our hearts."

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