Senior to Continue Education in Ireland

Senior Sarah Maloney was born in Ireland and has family there. Every year she returns to visit, including last summer when she took part in Merion Mercy’s biannual trip to Ireland. On that particular trip, she says, “Ireland called to me.” She responded by applying to Dublin City University where she will continue her education studying international relations and foreign affairs. While Sarah doesn’t know the percentage of Americans enrolled at DCU, she did learn that about 20% of the school is made up of international students, and she is thrilled to be among them. She points out, “When else in your life do you have the freedom to pick up and move to another country for a few years?”

Ireland’s Minister of Education, Norma Foley, would like to see more American students with Sarah’s adventurous and courageous spirit. In fact, Sarah was tapped to participate in a student roundtable, hosted by the Ministry, on how to get more young people from the U.S. interested in schools in Ireland. “I told them students need to be exposed to the opportunity. They need to know it’s a possibility.” She adds, “I hope that by doing this I can serve as an example to others of what can be done.” 

When asked what she was most looking forward to about studying in Ireland, Sarah said, “I’m excited for a totally different experience from my life here—at a quarter of the cost of American universities!” As to her concerns: “While I look Irish, when I open my mouth I have this Delco accent. I don’t want to be labeled an obnoxious American.”

Sarah credits Merion Mercy with giving her the confidence to take risks. “As scary as it is, I know my Merion education has given me what I need to succeed wherever I am!”

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