MMA Freshman Awarded 3rd Place in County Poetry Competition

For the 35th year, the Mad Poets Society and Delaware County Libraries have presented the Delaware County Young Poets Competition. All 1st through 12th grade students living or attending school in Delaware County were invited to submit one original poem to be judged by grade level. We congratulate Anika Fernandes ‘27 whose poem titled “Overshadowed” placed 3rd in the 9th grade category. 

Here is Anika's winning poem:


Dear Darkness,

Your presence casts over me

Why does your proximity envelope me so?

Swallowing me whole

We, born the same, should get along as brothers.

Yet I feel as I am on the brink of vanishing when you saunter into a room

With the confidence that you can stand on your own

Without simply following someone else’s path.

I revel in light’s warm touch

But when you attempt to extend your embrace

I can only shirk away.

It is not your fault

Only mine, a foolish complex

My pathetic presence to blame.

What purpose does my stay serve?

You, in your expansive form, superior.

I cannot even end this letter

For saying “love” is something we both know is a lie

And “regards” is much too formal for the complex relationship we share

“Sincerely” isn’t quite right either

As I jot this letter down, rushing to complete before you cloak me again.

Ironically, it is you who overshadows me.




Your Shadow

Winning poems will be published in an annual poetry anthology and posted on Delaware County Libraries’ website, as well as the Mad Poets Society website. The Young Poets Competition will culminate in a special awards ceremony and reading in May.

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