MMA Faculty to Present on Generative AI at International Conference

The role of generative artificial intelligence in the classroom is a rapidly evolving topic that Philip Vinogradov is becoming increasingly passionate about. As Merion Mercy Academy’s Director of Innovation, Teaching, and Learning he has made it his mission to equip MMA faculty with the tools they need to remain on the cutting edge of this burgeoning technology. He has even begun sharing his expertise through support and workshops with peer schools, and has plans for a parent workshop this spring. In June, Vinogradov will travel to Denver to take part in the annual conference of the International Society for Technology and Education. Joining him will be Merion Mercy Theology Department Chair Marianne Rule whose classroom use of AI was featured in this recent blog post.

At ISTE, Vinogradov will participate in a session on “Developing Modern Digital Literacy with Generative AI: A Community Approach.” He explains, “Literacy involves being able to fully participate in the world as it is. Today this includes the ability to use generative AI safely, responsibly, and ethically.” His session will share models of practice engaging students, teachers, and families in using AI as a powerful complement to the learning process.

Rule’s proposal is titled “Reimagining Writing Feedback: AI Strategies during the Writing Process.” She says, “Generative AI is a dynamic tool that may assist students during the writing process as they set goals and seek feedback.” Her session provides workflow ideas for integrating AI into the writing process through strategies designed to help students evaluate AI feedback, revise their work, and reflect on their growth. 

Rule recognizes Vinogradov’s impact on her work. “I am so excited for this professional opportunity and grateful to have innovative professional development from Philip.” She also acknowledged the support from Valerie Prucnal, Merion Mercy’s Assistant Head of School for Academics. 

Prucnal expressed appreciation for both Vinogradov and Rule, saying, “Your knowledge and expertise enhances our community everyday. Thank you for taking the time to share it outside of our community as well!”

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