Students Focus on Sisters of Mercy’s Critical Concerns

In September, during Mercy Day, Merion Mercy Academy students were encouraged to integrate the Sisters of Mercy's Critical Concerns more intentionally into their daily lives. To accomplish this mission, a Critical Concerns team was formed and ideas were developed for providing deeper awareness of Women, Immigration, Non-Violence, Anti-Racism, and Earth. These ideas include:

  • Designating one Critical Concern to each grade level with the concern for Women being an ongoing theme throughout all grade levels.

  • Creating Google Classrooms for each grade level that consist of monthly articles that will provide deeper understanding and opportunities for reflection on their particular Critical Concern.

  • Inviting students to monthly meetings to discuss our learning and to collaborate on how Merion can make a greater impact in the larger community.

To serve as a visual representation of our progress, a bulletin board has been created featuring a bridge made up of each Critical Concern that connects Mercy Day in September to Mission Week in March. It also provides QR codes for direct access to the articles posted in each grade’s Google Classroom.

The themes were divided as such:

9th grade: Earth

10th grade: Immigration

11th grade: Non-Violence

12th grade: Anti-Racism

Team members Kaitlin Angelucci ‘25, Josey Doherty ‘25, Emily Kallmeyer ‘24, Riayn Little ‘24, and Colette Remy ‘26 look forward to gathering monthly with their classmates to discuss this important initiative.

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  • Sisters of Mercy
  • critical concerns
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