Bringing the Mission Back to Mission Week

Mission Week is a treasured Merion Mercy Academy tradition that serves as the school’s largest fundraiser for the Mercy Girl Effect Project. With its dress-down days, lunchtime activities, pep rally and mixer, the week certainly delivers its share of fun. This year, however, Student Council, which organizes all related activities, was challenged to also return the mission to Mission Week.  

“We created a new format, which will allow students to better immerse themselves into the spirit of the wider Mercy community,” explains Stuco’s Reagan Luczak. From March 4-8, each day was dedicated to one of the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy: Earth, Immigration, Nonviolence, Racism, and Women. To supplement these fundamental themes, Stuco established a corresponding dress-down day and activity during lunch, with both of these aspects being deeply rooted in that Critical Concern. The week concluded with its usual Mission Week pep rally, which included a video on the Critical Concern of Women (the focus of the Mercy Girl Effect Project), a Pep Squad performance, a pie in the face for Theology Teacher Mrs. Mary Gratton, a teacher-student game of musical chairs, and raffle drawings. That evening was the Mission Week Mixer, whose proceeds help support the MGEF.

Luczak said, “Although this format may look different from what we’ve seen in the last couple of years, it better represents what Mission Week was actually intended for in the first place. It is definitely a time for us to have fun together, but most importantly, it is a time to learn and grow in the Mercy Charism. The Sisterhood we all love so well extends beyond the walls of Merion Mercy; it is about the positive impact we make on the world by working together.”

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