More of What Matters: MMA Capital Projects

On January 5, 2024, Merion Mercy Academy proudly announced a $9.1 million commitment from The Howley Foundation. In addition to providing annual scholarships and supporting enrollment management initiatives, the restricted gift will fund the creation of  the Howley Center for Applied Biological and Health Sciences, as well as the Howley Academic Center for Excellence. 

Simultaneously, Merion Mercy's Board of Trustees has approved installation of an artificial multi-purpose field and artificial turf softball field.  

This page will provide regular updates to all three projects so please check back regularly.

"The Howley Foundation's remarkable gift for our capital initiatives aligns with Merion Mercy Academy's vision of graduating young women who are prepared to lead, learn, and serve in a constantly evolving world." —Head of School Marianne Grace

Howley Center for Applied Biological and Health Sciences

This state-of-the-art facility will foster a dynamic environment for hands-on experimentation and inquiry-based exploration. Newly constructed and renovated labs will provide our students with access to the latest advancements, inspiring a new generation of confident and capable young women in the sciences. 

Howley Academic Center for Excellence

A central hub for personalized instruction, academic support, and a variety of tools and resources, the center aims to empower students with an understanding of their individual strengths and develop the competencies to perform at the highest levels. It will also provide spaces for individual research, collaborative work, and group instruction.

Artifical turf playing fields at Merion Mercy Academy

MMA Athletic Complex

Merion Mercy Academy's Board of Trustees has approved installation of an artificial turf multi-purpose field and softball field on campus. This decision supports the goals of our strategic plan and represents a significant step forward in enhancing our athletic facilities. 

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