The Great Christmas Decoration Debate

The Great Christmas Decoration Debate

Halloween is over and it's time for the age-old question that divides households faster than you can say "ho, ho, ho"—is it too soon to start putting up Christmas decorations? As the holiday season approaches, this contentious debate resurfaces like clockwork, sparking arguments, eye rolls, and passionate discussions among friends, families, and neighbors. Buckle up, dear readers, because we're diving headfirst into the tangled tinsel of this festive feud!

Scene 1: The Enthusiastic Early Bird

Meet Carl, the neighbor who believes in starting Christmas early enough to give Santa Claus a run for his money. He's the type who starts humming carols in July and strategically positions his ladder and twinkling lights before the last trace of Halloween candy has disappeared. Carl claims that early decoration not only spreads holiday cheer but also ensures he has plenty of time to perfect his synchronized light show.

"Why wait?" Carl exclaims. "Life's too short to limit the joy to just a few weeks. Plus, it gives me an excuse to avoid cleaning the garage. It's all in the spirit of the season!"

Some eager elves like Carl believe that Christmas is a season unto itself and should start as early as possible. Then there’s Merion Mercy junior Jane Staples who believes in decorating early to reflect the true reason for the season: “Christmas celebrates Jesus’ birthday, so why should there be a limit to when we start celebrating Him?” 

Scene 2: The Last-Minute Miracle

On the flip side, we have procrastinators like Sarah, who firmly believe in the power of the last-minute Christmas miracle. For Sarah, December 24th is the ideal time to dust off the old decorations and frantically transform her home into a festive paradise. It's a high-stakes game of holiday roulette, where the adrenaline rush is almost as intense as the search for the missing ornament hooks.

"There's something magical about the thrill of last-minute decorating," Sarah confesses, eyes wide with excitement. "Besides, it gives me an excuse to binge-watch cheesy Christmas movies while I work. It's multitasking at its finest!"

Scene 3: The Goldilocks Approach

Then there are those, like Dave and Lisa, who adopt the Goldilocks approach to holiday decorating. Not too early, not too late—they aim for that sweet spot in between. Armed with a calendar, a stopwatch, and a keen sense of seasonal balance, they carefully calculate the optimal time to unleash their festive fervor upon the world.

"We believe in savoring each season," Lisa explains, her tone thoughtful. "Pumpkin patches, falling leaves, and cozy sweaters – those are the hallmarks of fall. Christmas can wait its turn, preferably until the last leftover turkey sandwich is consumed!"

“The focus needs to be on Thanksgiving for a while, because it doesn’t get enough love,” argues Ricordia reporter Eve Laurito ‘25. Sarah D’Alessandro ‘25 also believes in waiting until after Thanksgiving because, “It’ll make the month of December so much more special.”

Scene 4: The Non-Conformist Nellie

Finally, there’s Nellie, the rebellious soul who defies all norms and decorates whenever the mood strikes. It could be July, it could be February—if Nellie feels like hanging mistletoe in the middle of spring, she will do so with gusto. Her mantra? Why be bound by the constraints of the calendar when you can have a Christmas tree all year round?

"Traditions are meant to be broken," Nellie declares, proudly displaying her collection of holiday-themed garden gnomes. "Who says December gets to have all the fun? Let's keep the spirit of Christmas alive, 365 days a year!"

In conclusion, dear readers, there is no definitive answer to the quandary of when to decorate for Christmas. The key is to simply (or not so simply!) embrace the holiday spirit in your own unique way. Go forth and deck the halls whenever your heart desires, just remember to have fun, laugh along the way, and cherish the moments spent with loved ones.

May your holiday season be filled with laughter, love, and just the right amount of tinsel-induced chaos! Happy decorating, whenever that may be! 🎄✨

Merion Mercy Academy student quotes are from “The Debate of the Century,” published in the student newspaper Ricordia on January 2, 2023)