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Merion Mercy Academy is an all girls, private Catholic high school in Merion Station, Pennsylvania. 

Since 1884, our unshakeable commitment has been to empowering young women to better the world. Here, learning is personal, friends are forever, and the focus is on what matters for you and your future. At Merion, you'll gain knowledge, confidence, courage, and real-world experience so you are more than ready for what's next.

Learners & Leaders

Through an academic program that is active, experiential, and personal, Merion girls passionately explore their interests, and build a truly impressive body of knowledge. We lay the groundwork for young women to step into their greatest potential.

Faith & Grace

Merion Mercy Academy students become living models of faith and passionate advocates for Gospel values. They live life with abundant love, compassion, and generosity and demonstrate the strength of infinite mercy—kindness in action.

Welcoming & Inclusive

In today's increasingly interconnected world, Merion Mercy Academy students embrace a sense of unity and celebrate the richness of our diversity. They are authentically grounded in empathy, cultural competency, and a global perspective.  

Confidence & Curiosity

Merion Mercy Academy students are confident young women who set high goals, grow as individuals, and navigate the complexities of life. Grounded in a sense of self, our students approach new situations with excitement, curiosity and enthusiasm.

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